Moon Crabs have great, big paddles on the end of each of their thick, rather flattened legs.

They can use them to swim if they want, but what they really like to do is use their feet like shovels to bury themselves in sand at the drop of a hat.

Also they use their legs to add a bit of colour to their otherwise drab, sandy appearance. If you got shovels for feet, flaunt it. I guess.

…Images: budak/Andrey Papko/Bill & Mark Bell/Ria Tan




This is the large Eye-Monster Box and one of my favourite pieces.
This little guy is in search of a place to stay. With a cute tilt of the head, he wants to know if you’ll give him a forever home. With his seven arms and one very watchful eye, he’s happy to look after anything to entrust to the box he sits upon. And although pictures don’t show it very well, his eye will faintly glow in the dark to let you know that he’s still watching over your treasures even as you sleep.

5” x 3.5” x 3”

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